Street Adventures

1. “Don’t touch him! hes my husband!”  by Max Pan (Marketing Manager at Pro 1 Security)

So this little story I want to share began when me and my boss where driving back to gym from a meeting we had on the south side. Driving through the busy Dawson street in broad daylight  having a conversation… and all of the sudden we hear a big bang noise coming from the front of our car we see a women getting chased by a guy who rapidly beats her to the ground and starts kicking her wile she was laying on the footpath, this was surprisingly shocking to us but quick professional reaction from Artur brought a command, he said: “i will park my car quick, you go out now and mange the conflict, i will follow.” I ran and gently grabbed the attacker asking him to stop but after started to being physically aggressive towards me it left me no choice but to counter him and put him on the floor nicely 🙂 here is the funny part, after the victim saw the attacker on the floor faced in the ground and my knee on top of him controlling him she stared to shout ” Please let him go, hes my HUSBAND! ” Me and Artur were in shock and after analyzing the whole situation quick and fast Artur commanded me to let him go and move out in cars direction. We could not believe after the beating she wanted for us to let him go! I guess its true what they say “Love can be cruel” 🙂 It was also funny how there was about one hundred people watching this and few referring to us saying to each other that they must be criminal police, judging how fast and professional we handled the situation 🙂

So do you think if people had the skills of managing conflicts like this one, they would actually help the women instead of watching ? 🙂  I’m glad I could, all thanks to the training I received at : and


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